How To Create Crumpled Paper Texture in Canva ?

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By Maria B

In this tutorial, You will learn how to create crumpled paper texture designs in canva. This method is the combination of two photos, transparency, and different edit image options i.e brightness, saturation, blur, highlights, shadows, etc.

How to create Crumpled Paper Texture in canva ?Follow below simple steps to create crumpled paper texture for any image in canva.

Step 1 – Write the keyword “crumpled paper” in the canva photo section. You will see many options in this category. Select any one of your choices and place it on your canvas. See the below snippet for your quick understanding.

How to create Crumpled Paper Texture in canva ?

Step 2 – Select any photo of your choice with the removed background. To get the images without background, use the canva feature “cut-outs”. 

How to create Crumpled Paper Texture in canva ?

You can also remove the background of any image by using the canva background remover option but this is available for canva Pro users only. After the selection of the photo, place it on top of your crumpled paper and then reduce the transparency of your image by more than 50 points.

Step 3 – Download this image as PNG/JPG and upload it again on a different page. Now comes the very important step. Now you need to play with different edit image options. You can check the filter code for the below design here in canva but this setting depends on the final results of your designs. You need to play with every option until you see the best results.

Just for a fun or to give you an idea that these designs can be sold as pillow cover designs on your Etsy or creative market shops. I have created a smartmockp for this design. See below for your reference.

How to create Crumpled Paper Texture in canva

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