5 Ways To Make Money With Canva Presentations

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By Maria B

There are many ways to make money online with canva but in this blog, I will share five different methods to earn money with canva presentations.

5 Ways To Make Money With Canva Presentations

Let’s discuss all these five methods one by one.


1. Create presentations with Canva readymade templates and sell as a freelancer

In this method, You first need to learn how to create presentations in canva using their pre-designed templates. There are thousands of templates available in canva for various categories. What you need to do, is to create your canva account either free or pro, and then update any template with your client’s requirement or details.


canva presentation templates for free
Create Presentations in Canva

 I will recommend you to purchase a pro subscription because this is very cheaper than many other similar platforms but it offers plenty of features that will make your designs super creative.

Create your Fiverr Gig with the title “I can create presentations in Canva”. See the below example for your reference. Many freelancers are already selling this service on Fiverr. You can also select any specific niche and then target the relevant audience with your keywords in the title.


canva fiverr gig for ppt
Check this Gig

 This is the easiest method to earn money with canva presentations. Watch the below video to convert canva presentations into PPT if your client requires their presentations in PPT format.


2. Submit presentations as a Canva contributor and earn a commission

In this method, You first need to become a canva creator or canva contributor. Upon acceptance of your profile, the canva team will allow you to submit your entries. They always review each submission carefully but once your entry will be accepted, You will start earning money through their commission-sharing plan. Whenever any user from around the world will use your template, you will earn a certain commission.

 5 Ways To Make Money With Canva Presentations

If you are new to canva designs then I will recommend you to go through the below articles to learn more about canva because as a contributor, you must need to create presentations from scratch so you must have an in-depth design as well canva knowledge.

3. Sell your presentation templates as a digital product

There are many such platforms but Etsy and creativemarket are very famous among all. Many designers are already selling their canva design templates on these websites as digital products. Check my other articles about how to sell templates on Etsy and the creative market.

4. Sell canva presentation designs on third-party websites.

There are many websites where you can sell your canva presentation template designs and earn commissions.

5. Sell Canva presentation template designs on your blog or website.

You can create your website and sell your digital products like canva presentations directly to customers. In this way, You can save the fee or charges that you have to pay to the third party if you sell your designs through their platforms. Shopify is the best and easy platform for this purpose.


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