The Ultimate Guide to Canva’s AI-Integrated Apps: Revolutionizing Design Workflow

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By Maria B

Canva, a name synonymous with online design, has been at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into its platform. Canva now offers eight AI apps, moving beyond just templates and designs. These apps use AI to simplify and improve the design process. Let’s explore these apps and see how they’re making a difference.

Enhance Your Design Prowess with Canva’s AI-Driven Tools

Canva AI apps

Murf AI: The Voice Transformer

Imagine having the ability to convert text into lifelike voiceovers for your presentations or videos. Murf AI does just that. With its advanced AI algorithms, it can produce voiceovers that sound almost human, eliminating the need for expensive voiceover artists or robotic-sounding automated voices.

Murf AI in canva

Mojo AI: The Video Enhancer

Videos are the future of content, and Mojo AI ensures that your videos stand out. Whether it’s adding special effects, enhancing video quality, or optimizing for different platforms, Mojo AI has got you covered. It’s like having a video editing team in your pocket.

Mojo AI in canva

Hippoc neuro AI: The Design Brain

Ever felt stuck while designing? Hippoc neuro AI acts as your design assistant, suggesting layouts, color schemes, and even content based on your requirements. It learns from your preferences and offers suggestions that align with your brand and style.

Hippoc neuro AI in canva

Heygen Avatar: Your Digital Twin

In the age of virtual meetings and webinars, Heygen Avatar allows users to create digital avatars that can mimic human emotions and movements. It’s not just about creating a digital representation; it’s about creating a ‘virtual you’ that interacts just like you would.

Heygen AI avatars in canva

Soundraw: The Music Maestro

Background scores and music elevate the content, and Soundraw ensures you get the perfect tune every time. Whether you’re creating a corporate presentation or a fun social media post, Soundraw offers music options that resonate with your content.

Sounddraw in canva

Avatars by NeiroAI: Personalizing Digital Interactions

NeiroAI takes avatar creation to the next level. With its AI algorithms, it can create avatars that not only look like you but also behave like you. From facial expressions to mannerisms, it captures it all.

Avatars by NeiroAI in canva

AiVOOV: The Content Optimizer

In the digital world, content is king. ai VOOV ensures that your content is not just good but great. It analyzes your content, suggests improvements, and even offers insights on how it might perform, ensuring that your content always hits the mark.

AiVOOV in canva

Canva’s AI Tools: Beyond the Apps

Apart from these apps, Canva offers a plethora of AI tools aimed at improving your design workflow. From color palette suggestions to design analytics, Canva ensures that you’re always a step ahead in your design journey.


How does Canva integrate AI into its platform?

Canva integrates AI through various apps and tools that offer features like voiceovers, video enhancements, design suggestions, and more. These tools leverage advanced AI algorithms to provide intuitive and innovative solutions to users.

Are these AI apps free to use on Canva?

While Canva offers a range of free tools and features, some advanced AI apps might come under their premium subscription. It’s best to check Canva’s official site for detailed pricing.

How does Hippoc neuro AI assist in design?

Hippoc neuro AI acts as a design assistant, suggesting layouts, color schemes, and content based on user requirements. It learns from user preferences to offer tailored design suggestions.

What makes Murf AI unique?

Murf AI’s ability to convert text into lifelike voiceovers makes it stand out. It eliminates the need for traditional voiceover artists and offers a more efficient solution for content creators.

Can I create my own music using Soundraw?

Soundraw offers a range of music options for different content types. While it provides a vast library, it doesn’t facilitate the creation of original music tracks from scratch.

Is my data safe with Canva’s AI tools?

Canva prioritizes user privacy and ensures that all data used by its AI tools is encrypted and secure. They have stringent data protection policies in place to safeguard user information.


Canva is diving into AI to transform the design world. With their AI apps and tools, they’re giving users the newest design technology, making designing easier and more creative. As AI keeps growing, it’s exciting to think about its future impact on online design.