10 Proven Ways To Earn Money Through Canva

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By Maria B

As someone who loves using Canva, I’m excited to share with you my experience on how I’ve been able to earn money online through this platform. With dedication and commitment, anyone can leverage Canva to create direct or passive income streams. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing ten proven ways that have helped me and others to make money with Canva.

10 Proven Ways To Make Money with Canva

10 proven ways to earn money through canva

1- Canva Affiliate

Becoming a Canva affiliate is one of the first methods that helped me earn good money with Canva. By promoting Canva links on your social channels, you can motivate people to use Canva for various design projects. Canva offers social media templates, presentations, video editing, and many more things. If you have a good social presence on any medium like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, apply for Canva affiliate program which is connected with impact. See below snapshot for my total earning as canva affiliate. This is in PKR which becomes around $200. 

My total earning till date as canva affiliate

2- Create Templates and Sell on Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, or Etsy

Creating templates on Canva and selling them on marketplaces like Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, or Etsy has been a great source of passive income for me. With some initial effort in creating high-quality templates, you can earn money as people purchase them. See below snapshots of my earning on Creative Market and Creative Fabrica. I sold a couple of templates on Etsy as well. 

my earning on creative market with canva
My Total earning on Creative Market
my earning on creative fabrica with canva
My Total earning on Creative Fabrica

3- Offer Your Design Services Through Fiverr or Upwork

If you have design skills, you can offer your services through platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. While I’m not doing freelancing now, I had earned some bucks with Canva skills earlier. I have shared ten best fiverr gigs ideas for freelancers here. I had also earned $20 with canva on Fiverr by selling my design skills at the start of my journey and shared my detailed experience.

4- Create Your YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel where you share Canva design tutorials, tips, tricks, and the latest development on the platform can help you earn money indirectly with Canva affiliate links and selling your templates. You can mention these links in your video descriptions. I have shared my personal method here to monetize youtube channels with canva. You can also check here how much Ronny and Dianna the great canva designer is earning money with Canva on Youtube. 

5- Create Courses on Udemy

You can create courses on Udemy, and I have uploaded one course so far, which is earning money for me. By sharing your Canva expertise, you can attract learners and earn money from course sales. So far I have earned $53 from Udemy with one canva course only which is my second best online earning with canva. 

my earning from canva udemy course
Earning from Udemy Canva course

6- Create Customized Courses with Thinkific or Teachable

Creating customized courses with the help of Thinkific or Teachable and promoting them on social media to those who want to learn Canva can be a great source of earning money with Canva. I took one Canva next-level course from Nino Justino, which he made on Thinkific. I loved the layout design of this course on top of Nino’s course material.

7- Earn Money as Canva Creator

You can apply as a Canva creator and, upon acceptance, upload your templates and elements. When Canva approves your designs or elements, you can earn money for each download or usage. I am earning as a Canva element creator, and many of my photos were approved by Canva, which I took randomly and uploaded. Now, when anybody uses it, I earn money.

earning money as canva element creator

8- Earn Money with Instagram and Facebook Reels

I’ve monetized my Instagram page and can earn money by uploading reels related to Canva. The same thing you can do with Facebook. This is a great way to monetize your social media presence and earn money from your Canva expertise.

9- Join Facebook Canva Community Groups

Joining Facebook Canva community groups and sharing your Canva designs and expertise there is a great way to get noticed and earn money with your Canva design skills. I’ve shared many of my designs in different groups and have been able to get additional work through this approach.

10- Create a Blog

Finally, creating a blog where you share what you love the most, like here in this blog, I share about Canva features, elements, earning methods, designs and many more things related to Canva. This blog is AdSense-approved, which is helping me to make money with Canva by promoting my knowledge with Canva lovers.