Can Microsoft Designer AI Overtake Canva and Revolutionize the Industry?

The design field has witnessed significant advancements after the involvement of AI. Microsoft has recently launched its Designer AI platform, which has become a hot topic of discussion, especially for those who are already using Canva. While some people believe that Microsoft’s AI Designer has the potential to replace Canva, others still believe that there is no alternative to Canva. Taking all these speculations into consideration, I have decided to provide an initial comparison of both platforms based on my experience of using Canva for many years.

Before you decide to say goodbye to Canva in favor of Microsoft Designer, it’s important to consider the features of both platforms. In my opinion, it’s too early to give an open verdict at this stage.

Microsoft Designer vs. Canva: Assessing the Competition and the Possibility of a New Leader in Design Software

Here is a breakdown of the key differences between them:

Feature Microsoft Designer AI Canva Winner
Tagline “Stunning Designs in a Flash” “Free Design Tool: Presentations, Videos, Social Media” Tie
Interface Simple interface with a prompt box on the main screen and options displayed on the right side. Involves a couple of steps, with a search bar for design requirements and Magic Design options on the same page. Microsoft Designer AI
Categories Write design requirements in a prompt box on the main screen. Select from a given drop-down list with filters. Canva
Size Offers three pre-built size options, along with a custom size option. Category wise size options are also available. Size options for all online categories along with a custom size option. Tie
Add Images Can add images directly on the main page. Requires a second step to add images. Microsoft Designer AI
AI-generated Images Can generate images directly along with the template. Requires separate image generation with Canva’s text to image app. Microsoft Designer AI
Text Effects Offers many pre-built options with an AI-inspire me feature and a no-curve text option. Many text effects available, including a curve text option. Tie
Positions / Layers Offers forward/backward options but no layering yet. Recently added layering option. Canva
Animations Not yet available. Available with many options. Canva
Image / Video Library Still in the building process. Enough good quality images and videos in stock. Canva
Music No music library. Good library. Canva
Share / Download options Offers three downloadable options: JPG, PNG, and PDF. Many downloadable options. Canva
QR Code Can generate a QR code directly while sharing a post. Requires a post URL link before generating a QR code. Microsoft Designer AI
Screen Recording Offers a separate option. Available inside. Canva
Image and Video Edit options Offers a separate option. Available inside. Canva
Rulers and Guides No rulers and guides. Available. Canva
Team sharing, Version History, Add comments Not available. Available. Canva


Based on the comparison table, Canva appears to be the winner with its extensive set of features and functionalities, including category and size options, layering, animations, music, share/download options, screen recording, image and video editing options, and team collaboration features.

Microsoft Designer vs. Canva

Microsoft Designer vs. Canva

On the other hand, Microsoft Designer AI has its own advantages, such as a simple interface, direct image adding, AI-generated images, and direct QR code generation. Both tools offer many text effects options, making it a tie in this category.

Microsoft Designer vs. Canva

Microsoft Designer vs. Canva

It is worth noting that Canva has many

Additionally, Canva offers many direct or indirect online earning methods that have proven successful for creators worldwide. Canva’s resume builder, with many prebuilt resume templates, and easy-to-make professional presentations and data visualization through many chart options and features, make Canva unique and incomparable to any other online design platform.

Microsoft Designer vs. Canva

While Microsoft Designer AI is improving day by day, Canva is also continually evolving and improving its features and functionalities.

Microsoft Designer vs. Canva

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